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New Media Digitial Collage Art Illustration – Berlin Palermo

Evarella – New Media Artist focusing on Digital Collage Art

1. Artwork

In her conceptual work Evarella targets to create eye-catching, extraordinary collage art for magazines as well as the fashion and beauty industry by making products appear in a new unusual context while mixing client's photos with public domain images to catch the viewer's attention and arouse more interest in the product.















Golden Glow 72 mit Flare hell

The Golden Glow

Limited Edition 1 of 3 Artwork,
New Media Digital Collage on Glass

Size: 38.1 W x 57.2 H x 2 cm

This work will ship flat in a sturdy,
well-protected cardboard box. Shipping included.

2. Product Campaigns

Before After
The Row – DesertLand Kopie (2)
The Raw Wal Frau Gröper (3)
THe Row Uffde Brigg Kitty

3. Free Work

Unknown Beauty by painter Vittore Carpaccio wearing an inspiration of Jil Sander Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Look 7/60. Original Foto: Alessandro Lucioni (

Inspiration: Jil Sander Ready-to-Wear Fall 2022,  Look 17/60 by Alessandro Lucioni (

Beauty with a narrow mind
A higher view on everyday life
Laughing Rumours away
Lightness of Being





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